Pet owner in France finds secure pet care solution online – “After mulling over the problem once again of who’s going to look after my dogs and the hens in France whilst I needed to be in England, I hit on, by chance, a blog written by an English lady also living in France. There I saw it, the HouseSit Match link. With only 3 weeks to find a solution and many concerns about taking the leap, I logged in and started. There is a first time for everything! Today, after passing a wonderful two weeks in England, worry-free and having made a lovely new friend, I can highly recommend the HouseSit Match.”

Easy house-sitting website to use with help online to answer any questions – “Love that HouseSit Match is easy to use, and there is usually someone online to help. No clutter. And it’s pretty effective. It’s secure too with no contact details given ’til you’re ready. The sitters seem pretty responsive, we had no trouble getting sitters. The new reference service is a good idea. I also like how you can chat online with someone when you want. Like it!”


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